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How is our Wedding Photoshoot going to be?
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Hello there! If you saw a few weddings on my website, you probably know already that I like to capture emotions. Real emotions. That means that you do not have to be posing all the time, because we will take a few posed pictures and most of them will be really relaxed, interacting with your husband most of the time.

I like to capture people in their natural state…

How to get the best Getting Ready photographs
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Getting ready photographs is all about taking natural pictures as you and your groom prepare for the Wedding Ceremony.
This pictures are often the most artistic ones because I can play with the light conditions inside the room, and it’s probably the only time of the day when we have enough time to create something instead of documenting what is happening.
In order to get the best pictures before the ceremony there are a few tips that you should read…

Am I the right photographer for your Wedding?
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Unlike many other photographers I will not persuade you into awkward poses or uncomfortable or unnatural positions. This is your special day so there will be many moments and opportunities that I can capture, naturally.

These photographs are often the best, as you, your husband and your guests will be naturally smiling and emotional. It’s important to capture the genuine interaction between…

Why is it important to have an Unplugged Ceremony?
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Don’t you know what an Unplugged Ceremony is? Well, the concept is fairly new, but the idea it’s been there all the time.

Ceremonies are usually an emotive moment, full of tears and happy faces, if you get to see those faces. The problem nowadays is that everybody is trying to capture (trying being the Key word) the ceremony with their smartphones, or even worst, tablets. As we both know, cell phone pictures…

What time is best to plan a beach ceremony in Punta Cana?
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f you reached this page is because you are getting married in one of the beautiful beaches of Punta Cana! Congratulations!

Being a photographer I can tell you that every month of the year is different, and the light changes as well as the weather. In Punta Cana we have some rainy months and others when it doesn’t rain for almost a month. If you are getting married in January, the light is absolutely…

Vendor Fees in Punta Cana Resorts: How do they work?
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Most resorts in Punta Cana charge vendor fees to allow external photographers to work inside. Some resorts are more flexible than others allowing more than one person to work paying a single fee, as a team. Others, have the -nonsense- requirement of asking each worker to pay over 300 US dollars daily…


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