Why is it important to have an Unplugged Ceremony?

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Don't you know what an Unplugged Ceremony is? Well, the concept is fairly new, but the idea it's been there all the time.

Ceremonies are usually an emotive moment, full of tears and happy faces, if you get to see those faces. The problem nowadays is that everybody is trying to capture (trying being the Key word) the ceremony with their smartphones, or even worst, tablets. As we both know, cell phone pictures often look horrible, and when they do look good, they have the photographer or someone's head in the middle of the shot.

I'm not saying that you should forbid your guests from taking pictures, but I'm clearly saying that your closer family shouldn't be carrying a smartphone at all. It is painful to see a gorgeous wedding photograph ruined by the mother of the groom with an iPad instead of her face, or the groom's dad playing to be a photographer on such an important day.

If you care about having beautiful memories, tell your closer family to leave the technology behind, and enjoy a smartphone free ceremony for 15 minutes. I know they can handle that.

As your photographer, I can promise you better photographs than your guest's will be able to take with their smartphones, no matter how good they are. I will be there to capture every single moment in the ceremony and throughout the day, with my eyes wide open and my skills at their best.

If you have any questions about unplugged ceremonies, feel free to ask!

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